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What is the Cost of Hiring the WRONG Provider…?

Throwing money away

Poor hires are a drain on your resources in a big way.


Let’s face it… you can hire the wrong provider for your opportunity. However, if the wrong provider is hired, what is the cost to your organization?  Here are some costs associated with hiring the wrong providers:


Obviously, the financial cost of hiring the wrong candidate is reason #1. Salary, relocation allowances, signing bonuses and compensation for student loan debt are all drains on your organizations finances if the wrong person is hired. In addition, you may have to pay a severance package to someone that you must let go. The US Department of Labor estimates that the cost of a bad hire can equal 30 percent of the employees first year’s earnings.


Time and Productivity 

Hiring the wrong person invariably is a huge drain on the time of many people, from department heads to upper management and human resource departments. If training is involved, immediate supervisors and trainers will see no return on the time spent trying to get the new hire up to speed. If there is conflict involved, even more time is spent to trying to remedy the conflicts and supervisors can spend a large part of their day trying to manage poor performers.


Nothing can kill the morale of an organization faster than a poor hiring choice. Having a poor performer can demotivate the team and your other employees can become disinterested or stop engaging.

Reputation of the Facility/Organization

Your providers are the lifeblood of the organization and have the most face to face time with your patients. Hiring the wrong provider can have a devastating effect on the reputation of the facility/organization. Social media makes this even more damaging. If a patient has the wrong experience with a provider, you can bet it will be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media almost instantaneously.

How do You keep from hiring the wrong candidate?

Keep in mind that 80% of turnover is due to bad hiring decisions, so examine your recruiting processes carefully. If you find that you are continually hiring candidates that are disrupting company culture, decreasing your productivity, and causing lost revenue, then consider hiring a professional medical recruiting company like American HealthCare Connect. Our Unique Platform includes:

  • Built-in ATS system
  • ATS system branded to the client
  • Supported by REAL-TIME analytics
  • Each client has a unique login
  • Access to EVERY candidate in the AMA database
  • Search friendly and mobile ready
  • Jobs posted to 100+ boards + social media
  • Jobs posted and searchable in real time
  • Real time candidate tracking
  • Unlimited candidate sourcing
  • Candidate & job matching notifications
  • Custom web page branded to your facility
  • Targeted Marketing to the National Candidate Pool

Don’t lose more time, money, energy or the reputation of your facility/organization.  Give American HealthCare Connect a call and we will help you find the RIGHT candidate.


American HealthCare Connect Can Help Find the Right Provider’s for Your Facility

If you are looking to improve your practice by hiring a the RIGHT candidate, our team of medical recruiting professionals is here for you. We can help you advertise your opportunity in the area in which you are located so you can attract top-level PA’s. We can also help facilitate the interview process by screening candidates, ensuring you only spend your time interviewing those with the most potential.

If you are a Provider looking for a new career opportunity, we are here for you, too. Our team of experienced healthcare recruiters can help you comb through the multitude of openings currently available to determine which facility will provide you with the right opportunities.

Whether you are the CEO of a major hospital, the recruiter at a small rural facility, or a practitioner pursuing your career, our medical recruiting experts are dedicated to helping you achieve success in the healthcare field. Call us at (866) 217-5506 or Email us at to get started or to schedule a No Obligation Demo of our Unique platform!