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It’s challenging to successfully recruit physicians and even harder for rural communities. Let’s look at the current state of physician recruitment, address some of the challenge’s rural communities face, and dive into how you can improve your recruitment process.

Physician Shortage

The Association of American Medical Colleges states, the projected physician shortage by 2030 is between 40,800 and 104,900. One factor is, even though the amount of medical school graduates increases every year, there still aren’t enough residency slots. But, the biggest contributing factor to the projected shortage is physician retirement. The current shortage makes it hard to recruit physicians and it will only get more difficult as the shortage increases.

Rural Access to Medical Care

According to the Health Resources and Services Administration and Rural Health Information Hub, access to medical care for rural communities is highly disproportionate. Approximately 20% of the US population lives in rural areas but, less than 8% of physicians practice in rural areas. That means rural communities have less access to basic medical and specialist care. Additionally, the population of rural areas has a higher percentage of people aged 65 and older.

Recruiting Passive Candidates

76% of physician candidates are considered passive. That means they are interested in a new position but, they are not actively seeking one. When using digital recruiting tools, you can consistently and effectively reach these candidates. Social media is a great place to start. 31% of all physicians use social media for professional networking. Leveraging email is also crucial. 95% of all physicians prefer to receive info about job opportunities via email.

Culture and Physician Engagement

Treat an interview as a window to your organization’s culture. Personalize and strategize for every interview. To successfully make a connection, you’ll need to tailor the interview team to each candidate. Explore their priorities and motivations to affirm that your community and culture matches well with their values. See how each candidate reacts to your organization’s vision and make certain they see the impact it has on the community. Get the candidate’s spouse and family involved. Show off the best aspects of your facility and enlist your community advocates to impress them.

Improving Your Physician Recruitment Process

The best way to improve your process is to define benchmarks for each step of the process and work to improve them all. We use benchmarks for placements, time-to-fill, interviews-to-hire, acceptance rate, recruitment spend-per-hire, and retention to evaluate ourselves. By better understanding the steps in the recruitment process we become more efficient. Maximizing efficiency allows us to pay extra attention to quality and ensure that we place the right candidates in the right positions.

American HealthCare Connect Can Help Find the Right Provider’s for Your Facility

If you are looking to improve your practice, our team of medical recruiting professionals is here for you. We can help you advertise your opportunity in the area in which you are located so you can attract top-level Provider’s. We can also help facilitate the interview process by screening candidates, ensuring you only spend your time interviewing those with the most potential.

If you are a Provider looking for a new career opportunity, we are here for you, too. Our team of experienced healthcare recruiters can help you comb through the multitude of openings currently available to determine which facility will provide you with the right opportunities.

Whether you are the CEO of a major hospital, the recruiter at a small rural facility, or a practitioner pursuing your career, our medical recruiting experts are dedicated to helping you achieve success in the healthcare field. Call us at (866) 217-5506 or Email us at to get started or to schedule a No Obligation Demo of our Unique platform!