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Physician Assistants: America’s Most In-Demand Profession

Physician Assistant

Our healthcare system currently recognizes three types of primary care providers: physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. While all three play integral roles, physician assistants are gaining natural recognition for being one of the most in-demand professions in our society today.

What Are Physician Assistants?

A Physician Assistant (PA) is a licensed healthcare practitioner that is well-versed in general medicine. In order to practice, physician assistants must undergo extensive schooling and training, and they must pass an in-depth certification exam. When the Affordable Care Act was introduced in 2010, it recognized PA’s as primary care providers with the same level as physicians and nurse practitioners.

How Can Physician Assistants Practice?

Under the Affordable Care Act, PA’s are allowed to practice in a variety of different settings. PA’s may collaborate with other healthcare practitioners to form a cohesive team, or they may practice autonomously. They are licensed to diagnose, treat, and prescribe medicine. Like physicians and nurse practitioners, PA’s are required to complete extensive continuing education over the course of their careers. Over time, this continuing education enables many PA’s to develop unique specialties so that they may better serve their patients.

What Do Patients Think of Physician Assistants?

PA’s continue to play an increasingly important role in our healthcare system. A survey conducted by Harris Poll showed that:

  • 93% of the people who interact with PA’s considered them to be trusted healthcare providers.
  • 92% felt that it was easier to get an appointment with a PA than a physician.
  • 91% felt that PA’s improved the quality of healthcare.

Physician Assistants Are in High Demand

Due in large part to the overwhelming support they receive from the general public, PA’s are in remarkably high demand. In fact, their demand continues to increase every year. Studies are showing that hospitals who maximize the skill and expertise of their PA’s do better financially than hospitals who rely more heavily on other practitioners. Because of these various factors, many media outlets are currently ranking Physician Assistant as the most promising job in America.

American HealthCare Connect Can Help Find the Right PA’s for Your Facility

If you are looking to improve your practice by hiring a physician assistant, our team of medical recruiting professionals is here for you. We can help you advertise your opportunity in the area in which you are located so you can attract top-level PA’s. We can also help facilitate the interview process by screening candidates, ensuring you only spend your time interviewing those with the most potential.

If you are a PA looking for a new career opportunity, we are here for you, too. Our team of experienced healthcare recruiters can help you comb through the multitude of openings currently available to determine which facility will provide you with the right opportunities.

Whether you are the CEO of a major hospital, the recruiter at a small rural facility, or a practitioner pursuing your career, our medical recruiting experts are dedicated to helping you achieve success in the healthcare field. Call us at (866) 217-5506 or Email us at to get started or to schedule a No Obligation Demo of our Unique platform!